Table 3: Long-term immigration by country of previous residence (flows)
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The data are provided by national statistical offices.
Definition: Unless otherwise noted, migrants refer to those entering or leaving a country during the one-year time period. Long-term migrants are those who have left or moved to a country for a period of at least one year.
Country: Armenia
2001 and 2011 data are based on population censuses and include most recent moves over any time period. For 2001 and 2011 the registered data refer to the date of conducting the Population Census and the number exceeds the total foreign population living in Armenia. Data from 2014 onwards are based on administrative sources.
Country: Belarus
Migration data by country of previous residence are not available by age and sex.
Country: Georgia
Data are based on the 2002 population census and administrative records for later years.
Country: Russian Federation
2011 Break in series: the Russian Federation introduced a new methodology for estimating immigration.
Country: Tajikistan
The sum of the age groups does not correspond to the"Total"since age was unknown for a number of persons.
Country: Ukraine
2001 data are based on population census and include all those who have ever moved.
Country: Uzbekistan
Data for 2011-2014 include internal migrants within Uzbekistan


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