Goods road vehicle fleet at 31 December by vehicle category and load capacity group
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Country: Belarus
''Lorries'' includes road tractors. ''Trailers'' includes semi-trailers. ''Light goods road vehicles'' include lorries.
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
''Light goods road vehicles'' include ''Road tractors''. ''Trailers'' include ''Semi-trailers''.
Country: Bulgaria
Light goods road vehicles refer to all lorries.
Country: Croatia
For data prior to 2015, refers to all lorries
Country: Cyprus
Light goods road vehicles refers to load capacity up to 2,999 kg. Load capacity 3,501 kg - 7,500 kg refers to 3,000 kg - 6,999 kg. Load capacity 7,501 kg - 12,000 kg refers to 7,000 kg - 9,999 kg. Load capacity 12,001 kg - 40,000 kg refers to 10,000 kg - 19,999 kg. Load capacity 40,000 kg and over refers to 20,000 kg and over.
Country: Czechia
Lorries with load capacity 12 001 kg - 40 000 kg refers to greater than 12 000 kg.
Country: Estonia
''Trailers'' include semi-trailers.
Country: Hungary
''Lorries'' includes special purpose motor vehicles. From 2013, trailers includes semi-trailers and caravans.
Country: Latvia
Data from 2010 onward reflect changes in rules regarding the removal of vehicles from the register. As a result, data before this year are not comparable with more recent data.
Country: Lithuania
The state enterprise Regitra of the Republic of Lithuania deregistered vehicles whose compulsory technical inspection or vehicle owner's compulsory civil liability insurance expired by 1 July 2014.
Country: Poland
Semi-trailers with load capacity 30 001 kg - 40 000 kg refers to semi-trailers with load capacity > 30 000 kg. Trailers with load capacity 751 kg - 3 500 kg refers to trailers with load capacity up to 3 500 kg.
Country: Romania
Semi-trailers with load capacity up to 20 000 kg refers to load capacity up to 9 999 kgSemi-trailers with load capacity 20 001 kg - 30 000 kg refers to load capacity 10 000 kg - 14 999 kgTrailers with load capacity up to 750 kg refers to load capacity up to 4 999 kgTrailers with load capacity 751 kg - 3 500 kg refers to load capacity 5 000 kg - 9 999 kg
Country: Serbia
Territorial change (2000 onward): Data do not cover Kosovo and Metohija. Trailers includes semi trailers.
Country: Slovakia
''Semi-trailers'' includes trailers, 2000-2014. Light goods road vehicles includes all lorries.
Country: The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Semi-trailers refer to semi-trailers and trailers through 2010. From 2011 onward, trailers refer to semi-trailers and trailers.
Country: United Kingdom
Data refer to Great Britain.
Country: United States
Lorries refers to U.S. categories ''Single Unit'' and ''Combination Trucks''
Vehicle Category: Light goods road vehicles (lorries up to 3500 kg)
For data prior to 2013, refers to all lorries.