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Forest area in the UNECE region


A basic measure of how much forest there is altogether. It is important because it lets us know how much forest exists in a country, and how much forest there is in relation to the land area of the country and the size of its population. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal 15 aims to prevent loss of forest and degradation of forest habitats.

Data Source: FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment Database and United Nations Global SDG Database


This is the sum of all forest/wooded land. It doesn't include areas smaller than 0.5ha, nor areas where the trees are scattered so thinly that they are not counted as forest (less than 10% canopy cover). It doesn't include hedgerows or trees in fields. This covers conifer and broadleaved trees, areas managed for wood production, or for recreation or as habitat for wildlife. Forest area does not include scattered individual trees and bushes in urban areas, on farmland or land used for infrastructure.