Senior level civil servants by sex
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Senior level civil servants:
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UNECE Statistical Division Database


Source: UNECE Statistical Database, compiled from national official sources.

Definition: Senior level civil servants are defined according to ISCO-08, code 1112 (e.g. government administrators, administrators at intergovernmental organisations, ambassadors, consul-general, etc.).

.. - data not available

Country: Belgium
Data refer to decision making positions at federal government administrations.
Country: Canada
Data are based on Natinal Occupational Classification 2006
Country: Canada
Data exclude the 3 northern territoires.
Country: Cyprus
Reference period (2008): data refer to 2009.
Country: Cyprus
Government controlled area only.
Country: Denmark
Data refer to november of preceding year. 2010: break in series.
Country: Estonia
Change in definition (2000 - 2011): Senior civil servant refers to higher officials. Data refer to central state body only.
Country: France
Change in definition (2010 - 2011): Data refer to directors of the central administration and alike, ambassadors, prefects, chief education officers, heads of service, deputy directors and assistant directors, etc.
Country: France
Geographic coverage : French Republic, including the overseas departments DOM (except Mayotte). Overseas collectivities (COM) are excluded.
Country: Ireland
Change in definition (1990 onwards): Civil servants at the following grades: Assistant Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Secretary General.
Country: Kazakhstan
Change in definition (2001): Data refer to ISCO-88 classification Code 1 - "Heads (representatives) of the governing bodies of the all levels and the Heads of the organisations", including the representatives of the legislature, executive and representative government and judiciary; heads and senior management officials of the state agencies; Heads of the local representative bodies, public organisations, political parties; Heads of the organisations, including small and medium ones.
Country: Norway
Change in definition (2011): From 2011 data refer to the new ISCO 2008, 1120 Managing directors and chief executives
Country: Portugal
Reference period (1990): Data refer to 1991. From 2011 data compiled according to ISCO -08.
Country: Russian Federation
Reference period (2004 - 2013): Data refer to the situation as of 1st of January of the following year.
Country: Spain
Data refer to civil servants in high positions in the central administration. Discrepancies between total and sum of sexes in 2013-2015 are due to vacant positions.
Country: Sweden
Change in nomenclature from ISCO-88 to ISCO-08 between 2013 and 2014.
Country: Sweden
Change in definition (2001 - 2011): Data include legislators and senior government officials.
Country: Switzerland
Data are rounded by multiple of 1000.
Country: Switzerland
Break in methodlogy (2010): From 2010 data refer to ISCO-08 classification, before 2010 data refer to ISCO-88 classification.
Country: Ukraine
From 2014 data cover the territories under the government control.