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Infant mortality rate by sex

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Source: UNECE Statistical Database, compiled from national and international (WHO European health for all database, Eurostat and UNICEF TransMONEE) official sources.

The infant mortality rate is the number of deaths of infants under one year of age per 1000 live births in a given year.

Country: Azerbaijan

Break in methodlogy (2000): Change in calculation methodology.

Country: Cyprus

Data cover only government controlled area.

Country: Germany

From 3 October 1990: data refer to the Federal Republic within its frontiers.

Country: Italy

Change in definition (1980 - 2011): Data refer to resident or non resident population.

Country: Malta

From 2001: data include foreign residents.

Country: Romania

- Data source: National Institute for Statistics of Romania, demographic statistics.
- Rates for 2021 are final and are broken down by the month of occurrence of the demographic event.
- Infant mortality rate is the ratio between the number of deaths under 1 year in the year of reference and the live births of the same reference year.
- Until 2011 the number of infant deaths included infant deaths whose mothers (legal tutor) had their permanent residence in Romania.
- Beginning with 2014, only the deceased under 1 year of age whose mothers (legal tutor) had their usual residence in Romania were considered.
- For 2012 and 2013 were included only those persons aged less than 1 year whose mothers (legal tutor) had her permanent residence in Romania, and whose death occurred in Romania, regardless of the country of usual residence, and their territorial breakdown was carried out by the last permanent residence.

Country: Serbia

Break in methodlogy (2005): Change in data processing methodology.

Country: Serbia

Territorial change (2000 - 2012): Data do not cover Kosovo and Metohija.

Country: Tajikistan

Additional information (1980 - 2012): Data are from births and deaths register.

Country: Ukraine

From 2014 data cover the territories under the government control.

Country: United Kingdom

- UK rates are calculated using combined England and Wales figures, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
- England and Wales data are based on the date of occurrence and data for Northern Ireland and Scotland are based on date of registration.
- Infant mortality numbers which are used to calculate the UK rate include deaths to non-residents for all countries.