Prisoners by citizenship and sex
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Source: UNECE Statistical Database, compiled from national official sources.

Prisons are all publicly and privately financed institutions where persons are deprived of their liberty. These include penal, correctional, and psychiatric facilities. Youth/juvenile detention centres are excluded.
Prisoners/prison population are all prisoners including those awaiting trial or sentence, except those in youth/juvenile detention centres.
Foreigner is a person without citizenship of the reporting country.
National is a person holding national citizenship.

General note: Reference period: selected day of the year.
Country: Albania
1995-2004: data not not include pre-trial detention centers. From 2007: data include all pre-trial centers.
Country: Belgium
Data refer to yearly mean.
Country: Canada
Definition: Total actual-in counts are presented. Counts represent the average daily number of adults under custody supervision and include persons held in custody under sentence, remand or who are otherwise legally required to be there and who are present at the time the count is taken.
Reference period: Data refer to fiscal year (April 1 through March 31).
The data shown is the sum of the Provincial/Territorial and Federal data. The Provincial/Territorial data represent offenders sentenced to custody terms of less than 2 years. It includes data for all of Canada's 13 provinces and territories, except Prince Edward Island for 2005, Alberta for 2013 and Nunavut from 2000 to 2002. The Federal data represent offenders sentenced to custody terms of 2 years or more and include coverage for all of Canada.
Country: Cyprus
Data cover only the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus.
Country: Czechia
Data till 2008 include not only imprisonment but also e.g. fines, ban on activity, etc.
Country: Estonia
Since 2013 the figures include pre-trial detainees and sentenced persons in police arrest houses.
Country: Finland
Data exclude psychiatric facilities and remand prisoners in police custody.
Country: France
Figures prior to 2015 include convicted people placed under electronic surveillance and people hosted in non-custodial facilities.
Country: Georgia
Territorial change (2000 onward): Data do not cover Abkhazia AR and Tskhinvali Region.
Country: Greece
For years 2002-2004 prisoners in Youth/Juvenile destention centers are includes in estimations.
Country: Ireland
Change in definition (2001 - 2003): Data for prisoners on sentence and remand.
Country: Ireland
Change in definition (2004 - 2010): Data for prisoners in custody under sentence only.
Country: Latvia
Data exclude persons awaiting trial or sentence.
Country: Netherlands
Figures include immigration (aliens) detention. Data exclude psychiatric facilities.
Country: Poland
Data exclude psychiatric facilities.
Country: Republic of Moldova
Additional information (2001 - 2013): Data exclude persons who are in detention pending for the final verdict
Country: Republic of Moldova
Data exclude the territory of the Transnistria and municipality of Bender
Country: Romania
Data include persons in penitentiaries, detention centers and educational centers.
Country: Serbia
Data exclude territory of Kosovo and Metohija.
Country: Sweden
Change in definition (1995 onwards): Data exclude persons awaiting trial or sentence, and exclude persons in psychiatric facilities.
Country: Switzerland
Change in definition (2000 - onwards): Data refer to publicly financed institution only. Some of the considered institutions contain juvenile detention departments, but they are designated as adult facilities and not as juveniles detention centers. Data exclude persons awaiting expulsion.
Country: Turkey
Change in definition (1980 - onwards): Juvenile prison and reformatories were included.
9 persons whose nationality is unknown is included in total in 2012.
Country: Ukraine
From 2014 data cover the territories under the government control.
Country: United Kingdom
Change in definition (1980 - onwards): Detailed data may not add up to total because the breakdown variable is not always recorded.
Country: United Kingdom
Territorial change (1980 - onwards): Data do not cover Northern Ireland.
Country: United States
Data refer to prisoners in custody of state or federal prisons. Data do not include community correction centers and local jail inmates.