Road traffic fatalities, injuries and accidents involving injury by day of week
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Source: UNECE Transport Division Database.

Definition: Killed: Any person who was killed outright or who died within 30 days as a result of the accident.
Injured: Any person, who was not killed, but sustained one or more serious or slight injuries as a result of the accident.

Please note that country footnotes are not always in alphabetical order.
For European Union member states, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland the source of data from year 2005 onwards is the CARE database, with the following exceptions: data for Cyprus, Malta and Portugal for 2019; Ireland for 2017-2019; Liechtenstein (injuries only, 2019); and Lithuania for 2018-2019 come from the UNECE/ITF/Eurostat common questionnaire.
Country: Netherlands
Injured persons refer to persons who were hospitalized.
Country: Republic of Moldova
Break in series: From 2007 a regulation has made it compulsory for police inspectors to enter data about road accidents. For years prior this is not the case.
Country: Portugal
Data refer to continent only.
Country: Turkey
Data by day of week cover accidents only at Police responsibility areas between 2000-2011 whereas between 2012-2015 data cover both Police and Gendermarie responsibility areas. Data on fatalities and injured persons cover both Police and Gendermarie responsiblity areas. Until 2015 figures on persons killed include the deaths only at the accident scene. Since 2015 figures on persons killed also include the deaths within 30 days after the traffic accidents due to related accident and its impacts for people injured and sent to health facilities.