Motor vehicle movements on national territory by road (vehicle-kms)
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Country: Armenia
''Vehicle-kilometres'' for ''Lorries and road tractors'' refer to lorries.
Country: Bulgaria
''Vehicle-kilometres'' refers to only vehicles with national registration. ''Vehicles-kilometres'' for ''Lorries and road tractors'' refers to only vehicles above 6 tonnes.
Country: Ireland
''Vehicle-kilometres'' refers to only vehicles with national registration.
Country: Italy
Refers to motorway traffic only.
Country: Lithuania
''Vehicle-kilometres, irrespective of the country of registration'' refers to transport on roads outside built-up areas.
Country: Netherlands
''Vehicle-kilometres'' excludes foreign motorcycles on national territory and ''vehicle-kilometres'' of ''Lorries and road tractors'' includes special purpose vehicles.
Country: Poland
''Vehicle kilometres'' includes agricultural tractors. ''Vehicle kilometres'' for ''Motorcycles'' and ''Motor coaches, Buses, etc'' exclude foreign vehicles.
Country: Portugal
Mainland only. Motor coaches, buses and trolleybuses refers to public transport. Lorries and road tractors excludes light goods vehicles.
Country: Russian Federation
For 2009 to 2011, Lorries and road tractors exclude road tractors.
Country: Serbia
''Vehicle kilometres'' of ''Motor coaches, Buses, etc.'' refer to public transport only.
Country: Slovenia
''Motor vehicle movements on national territory, irrespective of country of registration'' refers to public transport only. ''Motor vehicle movements on national territory, registration in the reporting country'' refers to state roads only. Motorcycles include mopeds.
Country: Switzerland
''Vehicle-kilometres'' of ''motorcycles'' includes mopeds.
Country: Turkey
Does not include travel on urban roads.
Country: United Kingdom
Refers to Great Britain. ''Vehicle-kilometres'' for ''Passenger cars'' includes light vans through 2009. Light vans included in 'Lorries and road tractors' from 2010 onward.