Number, carrying capacity (tonnes), and power (kW) of self-propelled vessels in service at 31 December by year of construction (up to 2012 - discontinued)
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number, 1000 tonnes, 1000 kW
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Source: UNECE Transport Division Database.

Self propelled barge : IWT freight vessel having its own means of mechanical propulsion. Towed barges, pushed barges and pushed-towed barges which have an auxiliary engine only must be regarded as towed barges, pushed barges or pushed-towed barges as the case may be. The fact that a self-propelled barge can be used for towing does not change its nature.

Self-propelled vessel for river-sea navigation : IWT freight vessel having a carrying capacity of at least 20 tonnes also designed for the transport of goods by sea and equipped with their own means of propulsion developing at least 37 Kw.

Please note that country footnotes are not always in alphabetical order.
Country: Russian Federation
Information provided by the Russian Federation. From 2014 onwards the information includes statistical data for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine, temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.
Country: Bulgaria
Vessels owned by national operators for hire and reward and own account.
Country: Czechia
Class I to IV.
Country: Russian Federation
From 2012 onward ''1950-1969'' refers to ''Up to 1969''