Heads of universities by sex

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Source: UNECE Statistical Database, compiled from national official sources

Definition: A university is an institution of higher education providing facilities for learning (and usually research) and authorised to grant academic degrees. Their main focus should be on ISCED 1997 level 5A or ISCED 2011 levels 6 and 7 programmes.

Country: Albania

Change in definition (2012): Data refers to personel only in public University

Country: Cyprus

Reference period (2008): data refer to 2009

Country: Cyprus

Territorial change (1990 onward): Government controlled area only.

Country: Denmark

Reference period (2011): Data refer to January 2012.

Country: Georgia

Change in definition (2000 onward): Data refer to institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Country: Georgia

Territorial change (2000 onward): Data do not cover Abkhazia AR and Tskhinvali Region.

Country: Latvia

Reference period (2008): Data refer to 2009.

Country: Portugal

Additional information (2013): The changes relate to the merger of two public universities located in Lisbon, thus passing from 16 to 15 members.

Country: Republic of Moldova

Additional information (1995 onward): Data exclude the territory of the Transnistria and municipality of Bender

Country: Slovakia

2015 data refer to 20 November 2015.

Country: Slovenia

Break in methodology (2012): The number includes heads of all public and private higher education institutions.

Country: Spain

Break in methodlogy (2013): The data are provided to the Women&
39;s Institute in 2014 by the Rector&
39;s Conference of the Spanish Universities

Country: Switzerland

Break in methodlogy (2008): Data before 2008 refers to universityies only . As of 2008 data include universities and universities of applied sciences that cover the entire ISCED-97, level 5A/ISCED-11, level 7.