Constitutional court members by sex

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Definition: Constitutional court is the high court that deals primarily with constitutional law. Its main authority is to rule on whether or not laws that are challenged are in fact constitutional.
In the case that the country does not have a separate constitutional court, data relates to the institution that has been delegated constitutional judicial authority, usually the supreme court.

General note: Reference period - any fixed date of the year.

Country: Croatia

Additional information (2012 - 2013): The Croatian Constitution regulates that the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia consists of 13 judges.Due to retirement, there are 12 judges left.

Country: Cyprus

Reference period (2011): data refer to 2012.

Country: Cyprus

Government controlled area only.

Country: Estonia

2015: Figures reported are data as of 30.08.2016. Refers to justices of the Supreme court, not the full composition of the constitutional court.

Country: Germany

Change in definition (2004 - 2012): Data refer to members of constitutional court, without constitutional courts of the Federal States (Laender).

Country: Montenegro

Reference period (2007): Data is valid only up to September 2007.

Country: Netherlands

Reference period (2011): Data refer to April 2012.

Country: Republic of Moldova

Data exclude the territory of the Transnistria and municipality of Bender

Country: Slovakia

- Data for 2017 refer to 8 June 2018.
- Data for 2015 refer to 20 November.
- Data for 2014 refer to 15 March.

Country: Switzerland

Change in definition (1980 - 2013): Data refer to members of Federal Supreme Court.