Жертвы убийств по взаимоотношению между жертвой и преступником, и полу

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Поле поиска для нужного значения в списке. Это пример значений для поиска.1. Жертвы убийств, всего , 2. Жертвы убийств, преступник известен, всего , 2.1. Убитые супругом(ой) ,

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Количество выбранных ячеек данных
(максимально допустимое количество 1,000,000)

Представление на экране ограничено 100,000 строками и 100 столбцами

Количество выбранных ячеек превышает допустимый максимум.


Источник: Статистическая база данных ЕЭК ООН, сформирована на основе национальных официальных источников.

Убийство включает в себя умышленное или неумышленное убийство.
Умышленное убийство - предумышленное убийство одного лица другим лицом, включая убийство новорожденных.
Неумышленное убийство - непредумышленное убийство одного лица другим лицом. Также включает убийство по неосторожности, но исключает убийства в результате дорожных происшествий.

Общие замечания:Базисный период - определенный дeнь в году.

.. - данные отсутствуют

Страна: Австрия

- Change in definition (2001 - onwards):
(a) - The figures have been revised and are using ''number of relationships'' as a counting unit. A relationship is counted between one victim and one perpetrator.
(b) - The figures are based on the definition given by the International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) for intentional homicide (0101), attempted intentional homicide (0102), serious assault (020111), rape (03011), sexual assault (03012) and robbery (0401).
(c) - 1.1: Victims of homicide killed by a family member living in the same household
(b) - 1.2: Victims of homicide killed by a family member not living in the same household.

Страна: Беларусь

Break in methodlogy (2011): From 1995 to 2010 data are based on reported crimes. From 2011 data refer to completed investigation of criminal cases.

Страна: Болгария

Reference period (2000): Data do not cover whole year.

Страна: Канада

Differences in totals and the sum of subtotals (by relashionships and/or gender) can be observed because the totals also include victims where the gender of the victim was reported as unknown and where the perpertrator and victim's relationships is unknown.
A spouse refers to husband/wife (legally married), common-law husband/wife, and same sex spouse (legal or common-law). An ex-spouse refers to opposite sex separated/divorced spouse, opposite sex separated common-law spouse and ex-same-sex spouse (separated or divorced)

Страна: Хорватия

Attempted murders are not included under Homicides.

Страна: Кипр

Data cover only the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. 2008: data include victims of aiplane accidents.

Страна: Дания

Change in definition (2010 onwards): Data do not include non-intentional homicide.

Страна: Эстония

Break in methodlogy (1990 - 1995): Change in laws and methodology.

Страна: Финляндия

Change in definition (2003 - 2011): Data include homicides commited by Finnish residents against Finnish residents. All years: Data include only intentional homicides.

Страна: Грузия

Territorial change (2005 onward): Data do not cover Abkhazia AR and Tskhinvali Region.

Страна: Грузия

Additional information (2012 - 2014): There are some cases where the gender is not known

Страна: Германия

Break in methodology (2009): Transition to delivery of individual PCS data sets and introduction of a six-digit key number system at national level

Страна: Германия

- Source: German Police Crime Statistics (PCS).
- Figures include data on completed acts of murder, manslaughter, less serious case of manslaughter, killing a person at their own request, bodily injuries resulting in death and homicide by negligence, but exclude sexual coercion attended by death and robbery resulting in death.
- Break in the PCS methodology in 2011 concerning the data acquisition by victim-suspect relationships.
- From 1995 to 2010 data on relatives were recorded without distinction between partner, family member or another relative. Therefore, neither data concerning victimes of homicide killed by spouse, another relative nor ex-spouse can be provided.
- Data on total number of victims differentiated by cases in which suspects were identified or unknown can only be provided since 2011.

Страна: Германия

Spouse refers to spouse/marriage partner, registered partnership, non-marital life partnership; Another relative refers to a family member or other relative; Another person refers to a former partner, informal and formal social relationship, no relationship, unclarified/unknown; Ex-spouse refers to a former partnership (ex-spouse, former partner of a non-marital life partnership, former partner of a registered partnership); Friend or any other acquaintance refers to an informal and formal social relationship (acquaintance, casual previous relation); Perpetrator unknown/stranger refers to no relationship, unclarified/unknown.

Страна: Израиль

Numbers of victims are based on causes of death files.

Страна: Италия

Data refer to intentional homicides.

Страна: Нидерланды

Break in methodlogy (2000): Starting from 1996 and onwards, data are collected through the cause of death registration. Include also manslaughter, justifiable homicide in self-defence and death due to armed conflict.

Страна: Нидерланды

Change in definition (2000 - 2005): Data on "perpetrator unknown" includes also "unknown if perpetrator is known".

Страна: Сербия

Данные не включают территорию Косово и Метохию.

Страна: Словакия

Change in definition (1990 onwards): Only intentional killing included.

Страна: Испания

For 2012-2013 the total for both sexes is not the sum of male and female because some victims have unknown sex.

Страна: Испания

Territorial change (2009 - 2013): Data exclude Cataluna police region. From 2014 totals include Cataluna police region, but subtotals do not.

Страна: Швеция

Data on victims of homicides includes completed murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, infanticide and assault leading to death. Figures are taken from the elaborated homicide data, whereby police reported homicides that after investigation or court procedure turn out not being homicides have been excluded.

Измерение: Жетрвы , Страна: Швейцария

- Source: Police crime statistics (PCS)
- Break in methodology (2009 - onwards): break in series due to the the revision of the police crime statistics in 2009:
(a) Data exclude cases with unknown sexes
(b) Homicide: does not include attempted murder (Swiss criminal code art. 111-117;

-Period (2000-2004): Prior to 2009, only the so-called “minimal” crime statistics existed, which was realized by the Federal Office of Police and did not include detailed data on the victims of homicides. However, thanks to a special survey conducted in 2005, detailed data on police-recorded homicides are available for the years 2000 to 2004.

Страна: Турция

Additional information (1995 - 2013): Data cover intentional and non-intentional homicide as defined.

Страна: Украина

From 2014 data cover the territories under the government control.

Страна: Соединенное Королевство

Change in definition (2000 - onwards): Data for spouse also include ex-spouse and partner/ex-partner.

Страна: Соединенное Королевство

Reference period (2000 - onwards): Data refer to financial year (from 1 April to 31 March)

Страна: Соединенное Королевство

Territorial change (2000 - onwards): Data refer to England and Wales.